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Community-building is a core principle that founder and president Larry Huggins fosters through his commitment to education, hiring practices, community out-reach, and inclusion. As a minority-owned business our passion to empower and invest in underserved youth, build rich legacy, and accomplish this through solid, diverse business and civic partnership’s is uncompromising. Equally, we believe in mentoring, hiring, and sourcing community labor and aligning with business to develop and nurture local talent.


SOS Children Village

SOS Children Villages has grown to become the largest non-denominational children’s care provider in the world, with 450 villages in 132 nations. They are dedicated to keeping biological siblings together while providing viable, alternative foster care within SOS communities.

In 2004, Riteway-Huggins supported this endeavor as the general contractor in the building of the Chicago Village with 16 homes in the Auburn-Gresham community on the South Side. Upon completion of the Chicago Village, Riteway-Huggins through partnership with Nike provided each child with new Nike shoes.


Christmas in The Wards

As a youth, Larry Huggins grew up in the underserved Englewood community on the Chicago South Side. As an adult, he never forgot his roots or the community that supported his endeavors and started The Christmas in Englewood foundation. Through Riteway-Huggins, the Christmas in Englewood program has brought smiles, joy, and laughter to thousands of Englewood families and children. Over the past 15 years the foundation through giving partnerships, community leaders, and political support has raised over 1 million dollars.

Chicago Football Classic

The formation of the Chicago Football Classic 15 years ago has built a rich community tradition; unifying families, community organizations, offering scholarships, and promoting academic excellence, all around the fun-filled pastime of football. Every September spectators gather at Soldier Field to watch a football game, but the ultimate goal and success of this event is the exposure to higher education through an annual college fair and academic scholarships granted to Historically Black Colleges and Universities for Chicago area students. In the past 15 years, the Chicago Football Classic has given several hundred thousand dollars in academic scholarships and is supported by Chicago Public Schools.

Mentoring and Sponsorship

In service to the community Riteway-Huggins has sponsored several trade programs to

develop and groom trade skills; providing scholarships and mentoring to youth and adults. Riteway-Huggins has sponsored a trade program at Englewood High School donating tools and giving over $100,000 in scholarships over the past decade.  Over the past 20 years we have also been committed to sponsoring hundreds of men and women into the union trades.

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